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Life has a way of kicking you in the arse when you least expect it.  This will be my last post here.

On the 26th July 2013 I was diagnosed with ALS or Motor Neuron Disease.  I am no longer able to do even the most basic clay work and miniatures are history. It’s mega frustrating as anyone with a creative bent can understand. Art has been my life for so long and now I need to live without it.  I can no longer teach, do bead work, clay work, paint, knit, crochet or any of the myriad things I did. Even typing has become a challenge.

A wheelchair has become necessary if I need to cover distance tho’ I am still able to move around the house. Hubby is learning to cook rapidly and is doing almost everything in the house now.

So, thank you for following my life of miniatures and shows, my branching out into other areas of clay work.

Never take anything for granted – it can change in a heartbeat.

Love you all

God Bless



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