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Hee – as if doing one production isn’t enough, I’ve been asked to help with another one – this time the pantomime version of The Little Mermaid.  The two shows run straight into one another.  I was helping with props, but the set designer pulled out and my friend Darryl went HELP.  Could I say no?  Not in a million years. LOL Glutton for punishment I am.

We moved into the theater on Sunday – opening on the 22nd June so that gives us very little time to get everything done.  I’ve kept the set very simple and very obviously NOT Disney.  We have to avoid all issues with copyright and royalties etc etc.  It’s not going to be the typical set at all – Darryl likes different.  I’ll share pics as soon as it’s painted. 🙂  No complicated backdrops at all but there will be a lot of flies (things that go up and down into the roof space for those who don’t know theater!) and a few wheel-ons.

Being pantomime one has to bear in mind that you having acting, singing AND dancing – so I need a fairly open stage.  With that comes the logistics of where to position fixed pieces for voice projection and add to that the logistics of lighting……  well….. let’s just say there’s a lot to think of.

I’m in the process of making fake rocks – chicken mesh armature and paper mache – and a gazillion brightly coloured fishies that will hang off the bars at the wings – more paper mache.

The sea weed is done, as is the snarfblatt, dinglehopper, telescope, pen, kelp.  We’re collecting boat and sea type goodies wherever we can and I’m drawing, drawing, drawing! LOL

Along with that I’m still working on Pirates of the Caribbean – many shrunken heads and skulls still to make. 🙂  More paper mache rocks, a chandelier, treasure etc., so definitely keeping out of mischief.

It really is a case of Watch This Space!!! 🙂


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007 – Done Spying!

The designs for the new production are coming along nicely.  Still haven’t seen all the numbers or choreography, but we’ve already resolved quite a few logistical issues.  It’s going to be a LOT of props on and off stage.  Eek!  Verne wants the dancers to do most of the work, so it means less chaos and backstage crew – phew!  I still have to figure where I’m going to store all these props backstage – there’s limited space and a LOT of dancers.  It’s always such fun seing the dances for the first time, trying to figure what they need to work with, which backdrop or setting goes with which dance, etc.  This is the first time though that we’re working with a written script and actors as part of the dance production, so it’s going to be a little bit different.  No blackouts for set changes which means we have to act those changes. Hmmm……..  A nice challenge. I’m hoping to have the bulk of the props built before we get to the theatre.  I want the dancers to work with the props as much as possible before hand, so that there are minimal changes in the final stages of rehearsal.  If we can get the lighting I want, I’m going to be a very happy puppy indeed.  The music is awesome, the costumes are going to be amazing (if expensive!). 

Gert Venter will be assisting me with the construction side, much to my relief and delight.  Takes a load off my mind.  We’ve already bought several of the props and my house is already starting to look more chaotic than ever!  Lord knows what I’m going to do when the house is sold and I have to find somewhere to live.  Guess it will all just have to move to the studio.  Verne is also mid-move! Show dates are in June, so there’s time.  I’ll need to watch rehearsals today – should have been there already!  Watch this space for updates!

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